¡E Cold Forgings for Auto Parts
¡E alloy steel wire
¡E special profiles wire & bar
¡E Precision secondary operation
¡E chain parts
¡E Roller for chain
¡E Pin for chain
¡E Solid Bushing for chain
¡E Flat Wire (Bar) used for Chain split bushing production
Brief Introduction

¡@¡@Kao-Meng are mainly manufacturing in Chain Parts, Roller¡BSeamless Bush¡BPin. Go through by all staffs hardworking, The company started from Taiwan Kao-Meng Enterprise to been built in China, Kao-Meng Machinery (ShenZhen) Co.Ltd (1992, covers 13500 square meters) and Kao-Meng Machinery (Taicang) Co.Ltd (2002, covers 30000 square meters)and in Vietnam, Kao-Meng Machinery (Vietnam)Co.Ltd (1999,covers 21000 square meters).The producing station from one to extend four, become a manufacturing system which could support mutually with speedy reactive. The production line also expand from chain parts into the highest precise cold forming sleeve/roller ¡BRoller¡Bdrawing various typed of alloy steel wire and medium & low carbon steel wire¡Bspheroidized annealing wire and cold rolling of strip in various precise medium & low carbon flat steel wire or special shaped steel.
¡@¡@In quality assure, we are certified ISO9000 and ISO/TS16949 and execute for sure, whereas, we keep education and training to employee every year to become growing with progressive. Also, still keep pushing lots of action to improve and enforce the management system, hence, being content with the needing of customer and market. Speedy with quality service for customer of the production will be provided by us. All companies are able to manipulate business by itself currently and mutually support to surely reach customer¡¦s enquiry about quality require¡Btime of delivery¡Breduce cost etc.

¡± Assured Quality:
¡@¡@All companies passed approved the wholly ISO9000-2000 system, ShenZhen and Taicang factory was been approved ISO/TS16949 quality system of Automobile parts, whereas, we still keep implementing education and training of TPM,5S,TWQC etc to make our employee practically bring efficiency into works to manage customer¡¦s enquiry.

¡± Time of delivery:
¡@¡@All companies own completely production line, processing the raw material wire rod which from steel producer into various alloy steel wire, medium & low carbon steel wire, spheroidized wire then reprocessing to be the highest precise cold forming sleeve/roller ¡BRoller¡Bcold forging of Auto/motorcycle etc, also can be cold strip to be various precise alloy medium & low carbon steel wire or special shaped steel. All this production procedure can be finished precisely and under efficient control. Providing that appear any abnormal situation also could get supporting to be resolved by other branch company to reach the delivery date as schedule from customer. It¡¦s our huge competition superiority.

¡± Cost:
¡@¡@At present, where reduce cost in the market is our main topic. We execute all cost control and financial check in the interior, urge all branch try to cost down all producing and put wasting down, also give the best suggestion in manufacturing design, cost decreasing assistance to form ¡§win-win¡¨ opportunity between company and customer.

Operation Philosophy:

¡± Integrity:
We respect each other, follow our commitment, impartially obey the law and fulfill our duty.

¡± Practicality:
We pay attention to the details by pragmatically with optimism; We emphasis work attitude, doing more what should be much more right; less doing what could be increased mistakes; doing nothing what would be totally wrong. We regard the fact as the criterion of taking action; appreciated the theoretical foundation and professional technique; cherish the worth of our research and effort

¡± speedy:
We fully utilize time; continuously improve the workflow with rationalization and efficiency. In respecting to work, what appear in the period of planning and carrying out, we do keep a active attitude to well accomplishment it at first moment.

¡± quality:
Our super quality is represented on each performance that we do.
Our well quality must be the customer¡¦s requirement currently and reach their demands in the future.
We keep training the high quality staffs, supplying the best products and service.

¡± Innovation:
We bravely dream, create, risk with practical; we are pleased to accept the challenge and never satisfied with present condition. We keep progressive, promoting, seeking the opportunity and hold it tightly.
We will submit our innovative originality, technology, administration, and sales ability to bring more worth both customers with us.
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