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Many years in the making of alloy steel wire for applications - fastener, housewares, high-tensile screws & nuts, parts for automobile & motorcycle, parts for industrial machines, hand tool and many others. KAO-MENG is a bona fide global roller supplier. And we are ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 certified company.
An delicate mix of various multiple-stage wire drawing machines with high precision dies and tooling capacity, we provide best value products for our customers to fulfill the high quality requirements and minimize quench deformation. More than 20 spheroidization annealing furnaces, we can custom made may spheroidizing processing catered to special needs from customers. With 4 affiliated factories located in various countries, we are able to work with our global customers closely to ensure a long term stable supply and to minimize possible risk induced from business and other risk.
To assure product quality and material stability, all processes from steel wire rod, spheroidizing, phosphate to finished products of wire drawing, are self sufficient at site. With our lab capacity, R&D know-how and tooling expertise, KAO-MENG is working in sync with customers for product development and product improvement.

This is our steel wire products and other services
●Mid & Low carbon alloy steel wire
Application: Screws and Nuts for Auto, Motor Cycle and Home Electronic Equipment

●Bearing Steel
Application: Parts for Auto, Motor and special industrial parts.

●Import /export of wire-rod
We can purchase raw material either directly or indirectly (customer provide material). Koameng can perform needed cold work and cold form process and delivery the final product per customer's specification. If possible, we will like to be involved at the outset of your product development to shorten the product development schedule and to be an extension of your in-house metal process.
  Specification and dimension 

Mid & Low Carbon Steel  AISI1008~1067

Alloy Steel  10B21  SCM415~440

                  SNCM220  20~40Cr

                 35CrMn  GCr15

特殊處理鋼線± 0.01mm± 0.02mm